Total care delivers customers a premium wash, dry and fold service.

Washem laundry bag

Our famous Washem bag really is the ultimate on the go laundry hamper. Its tough and durable design makes it the ideal protector of your garments during the pickup and delivery service. It has a 140 litre capacity, its double layer exterior is heavy duty and weather resistant, and its drawstring top ensures your laundry is secure.

Garment check and sorting

For when you really need a carefully assess each garments wash and dryer suitability and check the care labels. Our garment check and sort will save you the potential washing something you should and the disaster that will probably result, such as shrinkage, colour runs or loss of shape. We will also look over the fabric and check for stains and separate the loads into colours, whites and delicates.

Importantly, we exclude special care items from wash process such as care labels stating dry clean only, woollens, delicate or silk items, jumpers and cardigans, wool doona and wool blankets and leather.

Prewash stain removal

For your favourite garments where stains are noticeable and unsightly we will treat them with a prewash stain remover. We will be sure to give collars, cuffs and your visible and not so visible stains in your garments fabric a good spot treatment.

While we do our best to treat all stains some are particularly stubborn and have set, such as blood or grease, and may be permanent. But we will definitely try our best.

Whites and colours separated wash loads

For that little bit of luxury where you want a fresh whites load and mixed colours load that stops your whites from greying over time. We wash the colours & whites in separated loads to ensure your garments retain their colour and that frequent mixed loads washes can cause loss of brightness over the garments life.

Whiter whites

We provide a whitening agent to the wash to brighten and rejuvenate even the most dull whites. Your won’t recognise your old whites!