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CEO & Co Founder

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Mr Chris Burns
Washem CEO
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Welcome to the laundry service of the future

Washem is revitalising the broken laundry marketplace and modernising it to adapt to the emerging into-home services economy. We have built a standard and premium door-to-door and convenience store laundry service across a network of partnering laundry facilities, convenience locations (e.g. Caltex and The Foodary), and are rolling out progressively nationwide.

We bring a strong sense of collaboration and fairness to encourage customers to become loyal fans and laundries to reach new a new and emerging customer market. In doing so these businesses are able to re-invest and build the laundry services of tomorrow.

Our diverse customers are from large families to busy singles who are tech savvy and seeking a unique user experience that is convenient, easy to use and helps them keep life simple while they do what they can to get back their precious time.

Our super modern mobile enabled website harnesses the best of technology to bring a user experience that is pleasant, engaging and efficient. Everything we do is digitally enabled from customer selected e-commerce to laundry delivery management, to customer notifications and reviews.


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