While we have endeavoured to, and continually improve our site and it’s functionality, occasionally we may not have been the clearest at making this obvious. Below you will find common answers to the frequently asked question we have received. If you can not find the answer to any of your questions below, please use the form on the right of this page to contact us.

Do you provide a same day service?

We provide a next day service as standard.

What does Washem do?

Washem will wash, dry, fold and iron your personal laundry. This includes clothing, bed sheets, doona covers, pillow slips and towels. With free pick-up and return, 24-48 hours delivery service (location dependent) you can better use your day. Washem is the easiest and most convenient laundry delivery service around that values your time.

Is there anything you don’t do?

Yes. We don’t do dry cleaning or speciality wash services such as wool items, pillows or your doona, as these all add significant complexity and costs to keeping our service simple, convenient and easy for customers. So we have decided to stick to what we do well, which is getting the bulk of your washing out of your hair.

How do I order?

Simple, just fill in the form on the home page and choose the date and time you would like us to collect your laundry. Select the washing and or ironing service that you would like as well as any extra options. Enter your personal and payment details. A Little Helper will be in contact with you to arrange pick-up and delivery of your laundry. Don’t worry if you are over your weight as we can charge your card later and it will still be our standard low flat rate.

How do I know if Washem is available in my area?

That’s easy, just enter your suburb in the search bar and see if there is Washem location within 5 km of your location. If in doubt just enter an order and we will get in contact with you. Don’t worry, we don’t charge a credit card until after a service.

How do I change my pick-up or delivery time?

Change of plans? Not to worry! Just contact customer service and let them know. We will update our delivery system and the laundry will be notified. If there is any problems we will let you know.

How much is 12 kg of washing?

Its about 1 weeks worth or 2 normal basket loads of laundry.

Can I have Washem come the same time each week?

Yes. Just let customer service know your desired frequency and we will book it in for you. It will all happen as you request.

What if I am having problems with your Washem site?

If you are experiencing issues with the mobile site, we would love to hear from you, email help@washem.com.au.

Is there anything I need to do before my first laundry pick-up?

Yes, but don’t worry it’s super easy!  You don’t need to separate your items, just put it all together in a bag. It is that easy.

We are unable to accept your personal hampers and are not responsible for any loose items such as watches, jewellery, money, or lint balls lost in the cleaning process. Of course, if we do catch it we will return it.

Can you drop of my laundry even when I am not home?

Yes, we can. Please provide any delivery instructions when you book your service. You may indicate in the preference area whether your Little Gem is allowed to leave your clean clothing at the door, in the event that you are not at home at the appointed time.

Is there a minimum order value?

Yes. Our order minimum is $60. This is for 12 kg of washing or 1 hour of ironing.

Is there a delivery fee?

No. Delivery is free on all orders. Please check our services locations.

How much does Washem cost?

We want life to be simple and transparent, so we offer a market standard price of $5 per kilo. For more information on pricing email or call our customer service hotline.

Do you accept cash?

We operate a cashless payment process that charges your credit / debit cards. Sorry cash is not something we can manage.

Is using Washem a green decision?

Yes indeed! Where possible our facilities use environmentally responsible detergents and our washing facilities are modern and highly energy and water efficient.

Are there certain materials / items you can’t wash?

Yes, unfortunately given the delicate nature of leather (including faux and suede) we are unable to process any of its forms. We are also unable to process rugs, curtains, or any articles containing hazardous materials, severe smoke damage, or blood/human excrement. We don’t provide a nappy wash service. We also only wash – so we choose not to do dry cleaning or specialty care items such as woollen doona’s. If there is an item that our cleaning team is unable to process, you will be notified and it will be returned folded, but uncleaned.

Who is responsible for washing item damage for items that are unintentionally included in my washing?

You are. It is no different to you inadvertently washing the wrong item at home or at your outside laundry. If you are concerned then opt for the Total Care service which includes item sorting, label checks and excluding items that are not meant to be washed. Otherwise, if you are just using the standard service we don’t take responsibility for checking each item’s care instructions. Sorry, this is your responsibility and we strictly enforce this policy.

What about those difficult stains?

We do our absolute best to remove stains through the wash process, but some are unfortunately permanent. Once stains have become part of the fabric, continued attempts to remove them will cause dye loss or fabric damage known as chafing or fraying. If you have some specific stains that need to come out please leave us a note with the item in your bag and opt for Total Care where these items will be treated pre-wash with stain remover.  Alternatively, for stubborn stains you may wish to try dry cleaning or wet cleaning alternatives.

Do you hand wash or air dry?

No, we have no facility to hang dry or hand wash garments at this time. Everything is washed and dried through commercial machines.

Where do you actually take my laundry?

We have specialist Washem facilities that we work with to improve service and quality. Our facilities must all meet the strictest industry standards for care and operated by experienced laundry professionals.

What is wash and fold / iron?

This is best for all dryer safe clothing. Your clothing will be washed, dried, and then returned folded. If you wish it can be ironed in place of folding.

Should I get my shirts laundered or dry cleaned?

We recommend that you follow the care instructions of your garment. If the tag reads ‘dry clean only’, we advise to have it processed accordingly. Most men’s cotton dress shirts can be washed. If you have any garment specific questions, feel free to reach out to customer support.

Can I launder a women’s blouse?

At this time we are unable to offer washing for women’s blouses. As opposed to mens button downs, women’s blouses have more variety in terms of fabric, cuts, construction, and ornamentation (buttons, rhinestones, etc) and require pressing that can be fiddly. As a result, it is much more time and labor intensive than simply dry cleaning the blouse would be. Therefore, we suggest wet / dry clean only for a women’s blouse.

Do you offer ironing services?

Yes we do. Just add it on the order stage.

If I have a laundry, can I work with Washem?

We are growing quickly and gladly accept interest from responsible, quality laundry facilities that wish to work with Washem. Please complete our enquiry form on the Join Washem page and we will be gladly be in contact.

What are your opening hours?

Our customer service operates between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday. Our site operates 24/7 so you can place orders even after hours and we will get back to you first thing the next day to any enquiry.

Can items shrink in the dryer?

Yes items can shrink in dryers which is why we recommend you only put through those items that you know are dryer safe. Please be aware that even items that have been regularly dried in a dryer can also shrink as the garment fabric deteriorates through repeated use. It is best to follow the care instructions and look out for ‘do not tumble dry’ in the fine print on your new garment’s label!

What if an item gets damaged?

Unfortunately, damage can happen. Damage can be caused by a range of factors from normal wear and tear, to putting inappropriate items through the laundering process, to mistakes made by the laundry or driver.

We believe the best way to address the chance of damage is to eliminate the areas where damage can occur. It is for this reason we recommend opting for the Total Care premium service which includes sensible added care, such as individual garment label checking, exclusion of items that cannot be washed, and separation of colours and whites wash loads. These are small steps that can make a big difference when you are worried about the potential for damage. However, add significant cost to our laundries to do which is why we charge a little bit more for the premium service. If you are less concerned and select our standard wash dry fold service then it won’t have these added extra’s and as a result you are accepting the laundry risk for minor issues that can occur, such as colour running, fabric balling etc.

If something major does happen however, we commit to putting matters right and here we follow the Drycleaning Institute of Australia (“DIA”) Fair Claims Guide.

If you believe an item was damaged and it was caused by one of our laundries, please contact us immediately with a description and digital image of the damage. We fully investigate all complaints so don’t worry we will look into the issue for you and get it resolved as quickly as possible.

What if an item gets lost?

We know that item’s can get lost in the laundry process. We believe the best way to address the potential of items going missing is to put in place little steps that make a big difference. This is why we recommend customers use our secure Washem laundry bag, why we never wash or dry your items together with anyone else’s, and why we use a delivery management system that keeps you fully informed of when your order has been picked up and dropped off.

Even with all of those protections items can still get lost. If you believe you are missing an item the best thing to do is contact us immediately and provide us a quick description and we will arrange a search of the laundry and delivery vehicle while you check a little angel has not already put the item on. If after all of this the item is definitely gone we will speak with you about what we can do, and if need be follow the Drycleaning Institute of Australia’s guidelines for resolution as a last resort.

If I place an order will it be accepted?

Most of the time yes but there are times when we cannot meet your requirements. You may live outside of our catchment areas or the laundry for your area may not work the day / times that you really need. When you put in an order you don’t need to worry about us charging you as we only charge once the service is complete. If you want to know quickly whether we can service your area the best thing to do is put in an order and this will trigger a series of events and notifications to us and our laundries that will confirm quickly whether or not we can meet your requirements and therefore accept your request.

Can I request specific times for pick-up and deliveries

We offer morning and afternoon time windows where a driver will arrive at your place. We are unable to make specific time promises such as 9:15 am as our drivers runs are dynamic and change according to circumstances. It is for this reason we recommend providing instructions that the driver is authorised to leave items for you at your place should you not be home at the time the driver arrives.

Do you service city apartments and hotels?

We are brave and service the city. We will attend your apartment or hotel where there is a concierge or service desk that is willing to take responsibility for handing over to our drivers your laundry. The city is an unforgiving place for drivers (with ever present ghosts frantically ticketing the unwary) so it is important that they can be in an out of your place without delay.

Hotel customers are billed in advance.

Do you do dry cleaning?

We understand that it is convenient for your dry cleaning to be handled with your laundry, however behind the scenes dry cleaning is a very different business. In fact, most laundries do not dry clean and most dry cleaners do not launder. If a laundry does offer dry cleaning they have to send it away to a specialist dry cleaner and this takes 24-48 hours before the items are returned. It is for these reason that we don’t currently offer dry cleaning as a service and why we stick to what we do best – which is quick, simple and convenient laundry.


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