Washem is Australia’s #1 laundry network

Washem is Australia’s #1 laundry network with 25 laundries across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Adelaide and Perth locations. Washem is the home laundry services market leader and aims to be the the #1 aspiration laundry brand serving Australia’s residential, SME’s with pickup and delivery services and commuters with convenience based locations. Washem continues to bring new laundry capacity to market to meet rising consumer demand.

From as little as $5.00 per kilogram, you can have your laundry wash, dry folded. For the more discerning, you may choose premium service from as little as $2 per kilogram additional and ironing services for just $45 per hour. Free pickup and delivery is just part of the Washem experience.

The way it works is simple:

  1. You order on the site or at a convenience store kiosk and locker.
  2. We collect from your home, workplace or locker. We wash, dry, fold, iron and wrap all of your laundry according to your instructions. We return deliver all your items.
  3. You receive your items or collect from a locker.

On a daily basis, our laundries are delivering into Australian homes, businesses and convenience stores. Our unique customer experience considers every aspect from your door and back again, providing the confidence that your personal laundry is collected, wash, dry, folded and quickly returned.

Washem also services many commercial clients including nursing homes, childcare centres, barbers and hair salons, sporting clubs, garment manufacturers, restaurants and boutique motels. Our personal approach ensures that your tea towels, bed linen, sports uniform or bath towels are expertly laundered and delivered to you the next day.

The team at Washem is always looking for new ways to make your laundry experience a better one. We have invested heavily in the systems and technologies behind your Washem experience that makes it a happy one. Your order is instantly dispatched to one of our network of drivers and once your items are safely in our possession you will receive a courtesy SMS. Conversely, an SMS will also be sent when your laundry has been delivered safely back to your home or designated drop off location.

Should you wish to know more feel free to browse our frequently asked questions or alternatively reach out to us and contact Washem.






Chris Burns

CEO & Co Founder

Chris is our energetic CEO and co-founder that brings with him 20 years in logistics and operations expertise with multinational enterprises.

Renee Minchin

CFO & Co Founder

Renee is our co-founder, chief bean counter and is an experienced CFO for public companies. She is great with numbers and says no a lot.